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Mistakes to avoid when playing baccarat

Do you already know baccarat? The baccarat , baccarat or simply, is a game of French origin that takes place very quickly, and Hollywood production Casino Royale, none other than James Bond appears playing a game of the famous game.

The purpose is to get a hand that is close to the sum of 9 points, being able to bet on Bank (banker), Player (player) or Tie (tie), which is a move with less probability and pays higher values.

We have already published here the rules and tips to win in baccarat, and now we are going to talk about the mistakes that should be avoided when playing.

Don’t split the bankroll

The bankroll is the money box available for the player to place bets on. It is recommended to divide the total bankroll available into units that must be played one per game.

Players who don’t share their bankroll tend to last in the game much less time than they anticipated, as the money used without any kind of control ends up without the player noticing.

Bet on tie

It’s a fact that tie bets pay more than banker or player bets, but avoid this type of bet, however seductive it may seem.

Ties only happen once every 9.5 hands, and you can lose a lot of money waiting for this result.

Find a pattern in notes

Many players make a spreadsheet with the points that have already gone out and look for some pattern to establish a game strategy.

Considering the random draw of the cards and considering that the previous play has no connection with the later one, taking such notes can be fun, but it is a waste of time, as no one has yet been able to establish a pattern relationship with these numbers.

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